Relax Iptv v4 Apk App Free Live TV On All Android Devices

Relax IPTV is a popular APK for Android devices such as
smartphones or even the Fire TV. Relax IPTV consits of 3 servers, it has tons of categories for free channels from all over the world and it’s all free. 

You will require two downloads for this:
1. Relax IPTV APK
2. IPTV Core (the engine that drives the channels)

Once you install these two components you can enjoy Free Live IPTV, with channels from all over the world including Premium USA Canada and other channels. This APK has no ads at all..

How to Install

1. Go to Settings
2. Go to Unknown Sources
3. Download Relax IPTV 
4. Wait for Relax IPTV  to finish downloading
5. Install Relax IPTV
6. Open Relax IPTV
7. You can now watch Free Live TV on your android!

Download Relax IPTV APK Here

Download IPTV Core Here

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