How To Setup Real Debrid On Kodi 17 Krypton

In Kodi Real Debrid allows you to find large number of links or sources through which you can play Movies or TV Shows and therefore increases your streaming experience in Kodi. Through Real Debrid you will get lot of full HD links for watching particular Movie or TV Show on Kodi. There are lot of Addons in Kodi that supports Real Debrid.  I will show you how to install Real Debrid on Amazon Fire Stick, PC, Mac, Android, OSMC, OpenElec or any other device you might have installed Kodi on.

Note: Before Setting up RealDebrid Account in Kodi you need to get Real Debrid Account From Here, you can purchase the Account or you can try the Free one.

How to Sign up with Real Debrid?

1.Head over to the Real Debrid website.
2.Click on ‘Sign Up’ and enter your details.
3.Wait for a confirmation email.
4.Activate your Real Debrid account and log into the Real Debrid website.
5.You will now receive a security code in your email inbox. Use that security code to complete your Real Debrid registration.
6.Finally, choose the premium Real Debrid subscription that suits your need the most.
7.Now it’s time to setup Real Debrid on Kodi!

How to setup Real Debrid on Kodi 17.x Krypton:

- From your Home Screen select Settings 
- Select Select System Settings
- Scroll to the bottom and select Basic
Click on Basic until it says Advanced
 Select Add-ons
Select Manage Dependencies
- Select URL Resolver
- Select Configure
Select Universal Resolvers
Select Priority
- Set to 90 and select Done
Select OK (we need to do this so the priority saves before authorising RD)
Select Configure
- Select Universal Resolvers - scroll down to the Read Debrid section and select (Re)Authorize My Account
You will now get a popup asking you to go to the Real Debrid website showing you a code Open a web browser on your device (or your phone/computer or anything) and go to (you must be logged into Real Debrid for this to work) and enter the code and select Continue
You should now see a popup telling you that your account is authorised Real Debrid is now setup

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