Best Build For Kodi 18 Leia,17 Krypton

Kodi Builds provides you great add-ons that help you to watch
movies. Kodi Builds comes with pre-installed add-ons that make it easier to use. Each kodi build has its own layout and skin that makes it different from any other build. But there are many types of kodi builds available on the web. We all have our own choice, so we’ve our own kodi build. But with our experience, we’ve filtered the most common and best Kodi 17 krypton builds of  2018

Below are the best kodi builds 2018 that you can use.

- Zero Tolerance Kodi Builds

ZeroTolerance contains a lot of different builds. The one that we covered specifically is the Kryptikz Build. There are over 20 Kodi Builds available to be installed, all compatible with the latest version of Kodi and working in 2018! The Kryptikz Build from Zero Tolerance has categories for Cartoons, Documentary Zone, Explore, Movies, Music, My Lists, Recent, Sports, System and TV Shows.

Guide Install Zero Tolerance Build

No Limits Magic Build

Kodi No Limits Magic Build tops the list of best kodi builds. This build has got everything you need to get entertained. With its nice clean skin and good layout, the structure makes it look awesome. It also has a great choice of add-ons like sports devil. After getting it installed on your kodi, then you will get some good TV shows, movies, News. This is the build that you wanted to get it on your kodi.

Guide Install No Limits Magic Build

CellarDoor TV Kodi Builds

The CellarDoor TV Builds are another set of builds that are still working as of 2018. The build that we’ve covered in the post above is ‘Infusion’. This build has categories for Apps, Kids, Movies, TV shows, Music, Sports and TV Pro. These Builds where previously available in the Ares Wizard and were a popular choice until it was shutdown.

Guide Install CellarDoor TV Builds

Fire TV Guru Kodi Build

Fire TV Guru is the new kodi build. this build has made the space in people’s heart. Its interface, navigation system makes you use more. This Build is full of entertaining stuff like movies, sports, and comedy. It is mainly created for sports. Fire TV Guru sports will let you watch your favorite sports anytime you want.

Guide Install Fire TV Guru Build

- Durex Build

As we all know Durex Build is one of the best Kodi build which is now available for Kodi 17. This Build is of around 463mb’s and it works fine on all devices including Fire Stick or Fire TV. Durex Build has nice background pictures which keeps changing all the time and has also shortcuts on the main screen where from you can directly watch Movies, TV Shows or other Media content. You will find all good working Addons on the main screen of Kodi under particular sections..

Guide Install Durex Build

- Insomniacs Builds

Insomniacs brought to a brand new wizard offering some great builds, APK’s and growing community builds. There are three types of Insomniacs builds that you can install on your Kodi Krypton including Insomniacs Passions Led Me Build, Insomniacs Neon-Blue Builds, Insomniacs Neon-Green Builds and Insomniacs 18 Xbox One Build for Xbox console device. Insomniacs builds have got nice list of addons through which you will be able to watch wide variety of content on your Kodi.

Guide Install Insomniacs Builds

- Ukodi1 Builds

UKODI1 brought you some fine codei builds which are easy to navigate with a nice choice of background wallpapers. These builds are well maintained by all the latest updated and updated ones that work well for now.  Various UKUI1 builds available are: Star Wars (Cody Lea 18, Ultima 17 (211MB), Fire Dragon, Comedian, Star Wars, Futuristic, ESPN, Dr. Death.

Guide Install Ukodi1 Builds

Bucks Kodi Build

Buck’s is one of the famous and long-running build from KodiUKTV Wizard. This build has got a nice slick looking and fast moving skin with all essential addons. The build is being regularly updated by its developers, dead addons are being removed and new addons are being added. So if you looking for the long-running build, then you wouldn’t go far wrong with this one.

Guide Install Fire TV Guru Build

TTM MediaKodi Build 

TTM Media build is one of the best build that you can install on your Kodi 17 Krypton. The build is also available for Kodi 16 Jarvis. This build is improving all the time and being kept well up to date. You will find all new and updated addons in this build through which you can watch a wide variety of content on your Kodi.


Titanium Kodi Build

Kodi builds with lots of sections and add-ons is Titanium Build Kodi. Confluence Skin is used to run very well on slower devices. The best add-ons on for movies, tv shows, easy navigation, live sports, kids zone and more.

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Xenon Kodi Build

The Xenon Kodi Builds comes from Diggz Fire Wizard, where there are other builds to try. However Xenon is the more popular choice, and is still working in 2018. Xenon has categories for All in one, android, Explore, Favourites, Kids Zone, Your Library, Live TV, Movies, Power, Sports Zone, Streams, TV Networks, TV Shows and Xenon.

Guide Install Xenon Build

- Spinz TV Builds

Spinz TV is another kodi build that you’re going to like more. It will provide you more features then all the above builds. In this build you will get some good selection of other spinz add-ons like spinz maintainence, spinz data etc. This build gets updated on regular basis, so it doesn’t crash easily.

Guide Install Spinz TV Build

- JAZZ Kodi Build

comes the tiny Jazz Build. It's lightweight, packed, and will run well on all devices. This build has got a nice slick looking and fast moving skin with all essential addons. The JAZZ build is of 63mb and should run well on all Kodi devices.

Guide Install JAZZ Build

Cosmic Saints Kodi Builds

Cosmic Saints provides different builds which you can try out. These builds work for both Kodi Krypton and Kodi Jarvis. Some of these builds available are Leviathan, Civil War, Cosmic Kids, 4K Build and Rev 5:5 Build. Clicking any of those links will take you to a preview for the builds and installation instructions. These builds have some great design styles and suit their theme well. If you care a lot about appearance of a build, these are worth checking out

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