Where to Watch UFC 196 Kodi Werdum vs Velasquez on Feb 7th

People are always wanting to know where they can watch live events showing PPV UFC or Boxing so I thought that it would be good to put together a page that links to the add-ons that show these type of events.

This page will have a general list of the add-ons that I know definitely show PPV UFC & Boxing events and then on the day of the events more information will be added.

So if you are someone who does look for these type of events on the day they are due to take place then it would be a good idea to bookmark the page so you can easily access all the info you need.

These add-ons will (or usually do) show the Werdum vs Velasquez UFC 196 event on Feb 7th

- Phoenix Woodys > UK Sports > BT Sports 2

- Zem TV  Sports > UniTV Sports > BT Sports 2 link 2 v8

- NJM Soccer - Extra Time > BT Sports 2 & Extra Time > Fox Sports 1 USA

- Halow Live - Live Sport > BT Sport 2

- UK Turk Playlist - Sports > BT Sport 2

- BBTS - SPORTS > Fox Sports 1

- Castaway

- SportsDevil

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