Pulsar Addon Kodi Repo

 This guide will show you how to install the Pulsar Repo and setup Pulsar on your XBMC system.

Supported Operating Systems:
Linux 32/64 bits (starting Ubuntu 12.04)
Linux ARM (Raspberry Pi, Cubox i4pro etc...)

OS X 64bit

- Download the Unofficial Pulsar Repo and save to a location you can easily find later

- Open XBMC
- Select SYSTEM > Settings
- Select Services
- Select Remote Control
- Enable Allow programs on other systems to control Kodi
- Go back to your home screen
- Select SYSTEM > Settings
- Select Add-ons
- Select Install from zip file
- Navigate to where you downloaded the zip in the first step and select repository.pulsarunofficial-1.0.1.zip
- Wait for Add-on enabled notification
- Select Get Add-ons
- Select Pulsar Unnoficial Repo
- Select Video Add-ons
- Select Pulsar
- Select Install
- Wait for Add-on enabled notification
- Press the 2 dots at the top of video add-on list
- select Program Add-ons

- In the following screen you need to install providers for Pulsar to work. I suggest you just install the 2 that I show in the following steps. I know these 2 work and if you add others you may get some errors (you probably won't, but you never know)
- Select Pulsar MC's EZTV Provider
- Select Install
- Wait for Add-on enabled notification

REBOOT - This is necessary to start the Pulsar daemon. When you restart you should see a notification saying the daemon has started (you may have to wait a 30 seconds or so depending on how you have Kodi setup)

- Pulsar is now setup and ready to use. As usual it can be accessed via VIDEOS > Add-Ons >
- Select Pulsar from your home screen.

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