Pushbullet .Install Pushbullet Add-on for Kodi or XBMC

How To Install Pushbullet Add-on for Kodi or XBMC

You can send the following from your computer/mobile:

- Videos
- Images
- Notes
- Lists
- Addresses
The add-on currently allows you to view all of the above on your Kodi/XBMC device - addresses show a map and lists are checkable.

The add-on is available through the Kodi/XBMC repo so no downloading or installing of other repo's is necessary.

- Open Kodi/XBMC
- Select SYSTEM

- Select Add-Ons

- Select Get Add-Ons

- Select Kodi Add-On Repository or XBMC.org Add-On Repository

- Select Services

- Select PushBullet

- Select Install

- Wait for Add-on Enabled Notification

- You will see an error message - don't worry this is expected

- With Pushbullet still highlighted press C on your keyboard or right click (or whatever you need to do on your device to bring up the context menu)
- Select Configure

- Select Authorize

- Take a note of the 8 digit code

- Open a browser and go to http://auth.2ndmind.com
- Enter the 8 digit code
Select Grant
You should now see a message saying your device will start receiving from Pushbullet. Pushbullet is now setup and working.

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