Install 1Channel Themepack Kodi- Xbmc 2015

Install 1Channel Themepack Kodi

The 1Channel Themepack for XBMC and Kodi is an addon that allows you to change the blue icons and wallpapers to predetermined themes to change the look and feel of using 1Channel with Kodi, or XBMC.  Example:  Changing the standard blue icons to black glossy icons with a black wallpaper is one theme option in this Kodi addon.  This is the scenario broken down as much as possible about the process of enabling an installed addon within the system settings on Kodi 14, Helix.

On my Windows laptop with Kodi 14.0 Helix installed on it fully stacked with the HubWizard installed and run. Here’s the steps I took to locate the 1Channel themepack and enable it so I could run it from my Program Addons in Kodi.

1. Go to System from the Kodi home screen on the far right on the main navigation menu.

2. Once in the System settings scroll down to the Add-ons section.

3. Select Get Addons from the new menu.  This is the same place you probably first installed your addons too.  Instead of going to Install this time we are selecting Get Addons since we’ve installed most repository addons already.

4. Now since the themepack for 1Channel Kodi is a seperate program that sets up new themes in 1Channel on Kodi or XBMC it will be found in the Program Add-ons directory.

5. In the Program Add-ons directory it’s the first one on Kodi Program Add-ons directory.  I choose 1Channel Themepack from list and follow the prompts to install which are by selecting Install.

6- Once it says Enabled in the screen above it’s all installed and ready to use from the main Programs menu from the main home screen.  Click on the house icon in the bottom right or go back each page until you get back to main home screen in Kodi.  From the Kodi home screen choose Programs  depending on your OS you might have to now choose Kodi Add-ons folder or you might not.  Now it’s once again the first addon on the page.  1Channel Themepack is the first addon installed.  Now have fun using it.  To read more about how to use it check back with us for the next guide we post about the 1Channel Theme pack for Kodi Entertainment Center media platform client.

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