Best Live TV Addons for Kodi 2017 / 2016

- Amerikano Tuga

-How To Install Amerikano Tuga Add-on For Kodi


-How To Install FTFA TV Add-on For Kodi

-TV supertuga  

- How to Install TV SuperTuga Add-on For Kodi

- Gobble

-How To Install Gobble Add-on For Kodi

The Pyramid

- How to Install The Pyramid Add-on For Kodi

- Phoenix

- How to Install Phoenix Add-on For Kodi

- Echo Streams

- How to Install Echo Streams Add-on For Kodi

- Teevie

-How To Install Teevie Add-on For Kodi

- Stream Army

- How to Install Stream Army Add-on For Kodi


-How To Install BOB Add-on For Kodi

- Bamf TV

-How To Install Bamf TV Add-on For Kodi


- How to Install FREEDOM IPTV Add-on For Kodi

- Evolve

- How to Install Evolve Add-on For Kodi / Xbmc


- How to Install Vidtime Add-on For Kodi / Xbmc

- UK Turk Playlists

- How to Install UK Turk Playlists Add-on For kodi / Xbmc

Live Mix

- How to Install Live Mix Add-on For Kodi / Xbmc

Maverick TV

- How to Install Maverick TV Add-on For Kodi


- How to Add Sanctuary Add-On For Kodi

The Pyramid

- How to Install The Pyramid Add-on For Kodi

Zona Latina

- How to Add Zona Latina Add-On For Kodi

Kodi Live TV

- How to Install Kodi Live TV Add-on For Kodi


- How to Install Castaway Add-on For Kodi / Xbmc

- Halow Live

- How to Install Halow Live Add-on For Kodi / Xbmc

- cCloud TV

- How to install cCloud TV Addon or kodi

- Dna TV 

- How to install Dna TV Addon For kodi


- How to install UKTV Now kodi

- sportsdevil-digitele

- Install SportsDevil DigiTele on XBMC Addon For Xbmc - Kodi


-How To Install BBTS IPTV Add-on For Kodi / Xbmc

- Free Stream

- Free Streams Add-on For Kodi / Xbmc 2015

- ustvnow
It will give you legal access to the top US networks live, including ABC, CBS, CW, FOX, NBC, PBS, and My9. You will have to sign-up for free at their web site first, but that’s no big deal at all, especially for what you’re getting. Quick Tip: Don’t use the Facebook sign-up option, use the one at this link; then configure your login details within the “Add-on Settings” menu.


- F.T.V
This addon will give you access to the 600 free television channels available through FilmOn’s legal streaming web site, there’s a whole lot of nonsense channels in there but tons of worthwhile stuff too. Quick Tip: Check out the “NEWS TV” section for great news coverage.
- Install FTV (FilmOn) Addon for XBMC - Kodi

- Navi-X
Let’s take a moment to acknowledge the grandfather of XBMC addons; this addon has been around for over eight years now, and provides an index of user contributed streaming playlists. The only problem is that it’s not moderated, so a lot of the stuff listed won’t work, however once you’re comfortable with it, you’ll find it easy to find working stuff. Quick Tip: Check out the “Most Viewed 24 Hours” category for easy navigation.

- Install Navi-X Addon For Xbmc-Kodi

- Veetle
This addon gives you access to a couple hundred user generated live stream channels at any point in time, it’s powered by a service that basically gives anyone the ability to start their own virtual television station using their own content. Quick Tip: Check out the “All” category for easy navigation.

- Cliq!
You’ll find quite a number of user submitted playlists within this popular XBMC addon, just go through it and see for yourself. Quick Tip: Choose the “Live Streams” section from the addon’s main menu.
- Cliq Add-on for Kodi / XBMC.Download and How To Install

- EarthCam
It isn’t really a live television add-on but it provides an incredible array of video feeds from high quality security cameras live streaming from around the world. Quick Tip: Check out the “Boracay Cam” under the “Philippines” for a quick trip to the beach.

- p2p-streams
It’s a big confusing, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t find at least a couple of channels that are of use to you. Quick Tip: Check out the “ list” under the “Addon xml lists” category.


- Entertainment HUB
There seem to be a couple of worthwhile channels available through some of the live stream playlists indexed in this addon, might as well check it out, it won’t cost you anything. Quick Tip: Check out the “Streams” category listed on the addon’s main menu.

- Install Entertainment Hub Add-on For XBMC / Kodi


- Install and Configure PseudoTV Live In Kodi / XBMC

- Top 5 Add-ons Kodi / Xbmc 2015 download and how to install

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