Total Installer Working On Configuration Wizards

Total installer, which has functioned as an unofficial app store for XBMC for some time  is working to become a quick configuration wizard as well.

Users will notice a new section of the Total Installer called Install Popular Packs
Users will notice a new section of the Total Installer called Install Popular Packs

Configuration wizards like the Fusion XBMC Hub/TV Addons wizard ,  and the Xunity talk wizard have helped users add new addons with just a few quick clicks, once the needed repositories were in place.
At the moment the configuration packs are a work in progress, but the categories include sports, music movies, adult, Asian and country specific packages for the US and UK along with the fully loaded pack. At the time of this writing none of the configurations are inactive and to keep from causing confusion they are labeled “coming soon.” But once they are in place users will be able to add groups based on interests without having to add on multiple apps that have to be removed later to streamline the experience.

The Total Installer will deliver multiple configuration options to users.

Ease of use key for adoption
There are two types of consumers in this world. Those who purchase products because they love to tinker and experiment and those who just want things to work when they turn them on and don’t care what’s in the guts.  Pleasing that second group of people is what makes a product popularly accepted. In the case of XBMC we are not talking about a product as much as a platform. Through the continued innovation of developers like the team at Armada with their cloud word configuration installer, Total XBMC, Fusion and Xunity talk XBMC is slowly becoming as easy to understand other more widely known platforms like Roku. And as it becomes more popular it could very well become more accessible on more platforms.

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