Top 3 Repositories, Addons for XBMC / Kodi 2017 /2016

The Top 3, Third Party Repositories, that you should consider for your XBMC media center.
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XBMC Repositories Addons Top 3

    Top 3 Repositories, for XBMC media center. And With no specific assign order, they are:

  1)  XunityTalk

    Xunity Talk, Is for the developers, By developers. And the Best XBMC third-party add-ons, and the home of Xunity Talk Extensions.

    It’s a team of people, that enjoy the add-ons they make.

    X-unity, is a revolutionary way, of searching for online content. A great new addition to XBMC.

    Featuring Movies, TV Shows, Karaoke, Games, and much more. It’s the Home of I-stream Add-On.

    Now, to learn on how to install X-unity-talk in your XBMC. Watch this next video. 

  2)  Navi-X

    Navi-X, is a Media Streaming Add-on, for XBMC, &, Boxee.

    Is a multi-platform add-on for XBMC. As well as the original Xbox when “modded”

    is a FREE program, a “content aggregator” application, that streams multimedia content on the internet from a public directory, of user contributed links, and site scrapers, on to your TV, PC and mobile devices!

    Users can link to multimedia on the internet and playback video, audio, pictures, podcasts, text, rss and xml from the internet, as well as share it with people around the world in seconds!

    Navi-Xtreme Media Portal, is where you can share, your media links with other Navi-X users, and gives you a verified list, of user media to browse.

    You can preview what it will look like, in the built-in Navi-X simulator. Preview window for thumb-nails, logos, and background images. Browse for play-list, Youtube pages, and much more.

    To install Navi-X, watch this next video.


   3) SeperRepo

    The Xtended Repository Generator, or XRG, is an advanced generator with many possibilities. Dependency checks, statistics, patching add-ons on the fly, and report broken add-ons., is worlds largest XBMC add-on repository, containing more than 1300 add-ons!

    The goal, is to include every single add-on available for XBMC, and make the repository, and it’s sub-repositories, easy accessible.

    Check the top 100 XBMC add-ons, downloaded using SuperRepo, since October 24, 2013.

    And to install, super repo, follow the same previous procedures in this next video.

    And this was the top 3 Repositories Add-ons, for XBMC, media center.

    Hope you enjoy this video. Thanks for watching. 

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