Install Fusion Genesis XBMC Hub TV Addon For on Kodi XBMC

Kodi Install Fusion Genesis TVAddon

How to Setup and Install Fusion Repository, Genesis, XBMC Hub TVAddon, Ice Films, Navi-X among others on Kodi Entertainment Center version Helix 14.0 alpha 2.

How to Setup and install Fusion Repository, XBMC HUB, and other Add ons, like Genesis, Ice Filmes or NAVI-X, among others, on Kodi Entertainment Center.

This guide uses the 14.0 Helix, alpha 2.

Go to system, File Manager. Add Source. Enter this Address.

Hit enter, and give it a name. Like Fusion.

Now go back to System, Settings. Add ons. install from zip File.

Now the Fusion Folder. And now XBMC Repos.

For Ice Films, and other video Addons, install this google code, anarkintosh projects, repository.

For Genesis Add on. Install from zip file, Fusion folder, XBMC Repos, and choose the Lambda Repository.

For NAVI-X and much more. Install XBMC HUB, derived from

Kodi Install Fusion Genesis TVAddon

Now exit from System, Settings, and go to Video Addons, to install these awesome Add ons into your Kodi System..

Enter to Get more, and browse for instance, Genesis, Ice Films or NAVI X.

For quick search, press shift and the first letter you wanna browse.

Then, enter, and Install your preferred Add on.

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