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How to Install and Use LazyTV Add-on for XBMC - KODI

LazyTV is a fantastic add-on for XBMC which creates a list of all the unwatched episodes of TV Shows you have subscribed to using iStream (well, not just iStream, but that is what I use and I have a guide so you can install the add-on and a guide on how to add TV Shows to iStream too).

Once installed you can access LazyTV through your XBMC home screen and find the next unwatched episode of any TV Show you are following.

To Install:

- Download LazyTV Add-on 
- Open XBMC
- Select SYSTEM > Settings

- Select Add-Ons

- Select Install from Zip File

- Navigate to Download Location of LazyTV Add-On
- Press Enter or Select OK

LazyTV is now installed (it's very easy to install add-ons) so we will add to our XBMC home screen for easy access.

- From Home Screen Select SYSTEM > Settings

- Select Appearance

- Select Skin > Settings

- Select Add-On Shortcuts > Home Page Videos Submenu & Select a Shortcut

- Search for LazyTv * Press OK or Enter

- Navigate Back to Home Screen. LazyTV should now be under your Video Tab

You will need to restart XBMC for the add-on to work.

If you already subscribe to TV Shows using an add-on like iStream you should see the next available unwatched episode of all your TV Shows.

If you do not have iStream installed and would like to know how to install it and then subscribe to TV Shows please use these two guides which are just as easy to follow.

- How to Install iStream for Kodi

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