5 Best NBC Apps for Android to Tap Into Network TV

NBC has delivered some of the hottest shows and news segments in its broadcasting history. Now with the help of a dedicated NBC app for Android you will be able to enjoy all the content right from your Android device. I personally installed an NBC app for Android only to watch TV Show episodes over and over again. Thankfully the apps give you timely news and even local alerts, making them extremely useful. We’ve shown you the best TV apps in the past, but these TV apps help those who really enjoy NBC programming.
Note: Every NBC app for Android was tested on a Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone with a custom ROM based on Android 4.4 Kit Kat. The apps performed fine and provided quality services. However the last app in the list refuses to initialize videos on a Samsung Galaxy S5 with the latest TouchWiz from Samsung. Each app in the list relies on ads and there are no IAPs included.

1. NBC News – Free

NBC News
This is the News!
NBC News provides you with all the latest news and happenings. The app gives up to the minute breaking news, in-depth reporting and exclusive interviews. In short, this NBC app for Android provides exactly what is expected. The app is very fast in booting up and the news loads surprisingly fast. The app also includes videos, slideshows and many articles. The NBC News app cleverly downloads stories automatically so you can keep reading them even if you go offline.
  • A great “Metro” tile based interface.
  • The app starts in no time at all.
  • Images are all high quality.
Notable Feature:
One of the best features found in this NBC app for Android is the split screen option. This great feature plays a video while you read stories. This replicates the feel of “watching” TV while reading the morning newspaper.
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2. Breaking News – Free

Breaking News NBC app for Android
Serve as they come
Breaking News has one of the best looking interfaces we have seen on an NBC app for Android. The app aims to boost readability and gives you a clear picture of what is happening in real-time. It is by far the fastest and most reliable app to serve breaking news. The editors of the app monitor hundreds of trusted news sources and social media outlets. The app also has an intelligent way of knowing what might interest you and constantly learns your browsing patterns. The customization in this app is amazing. For example you can tweak the app to only show news about accidents.
  • An amazing looking and immensely readable interface.
  • Add topics to your watch lists.
  • Don’t like a story? Hide it and the app will try not showing stories like that.
Notable Feature:
The app has a proximity alert system. This means the app will inform you of breaking news happening in your immediate proximity.
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3. NBC Sports Radio – Free

NBC sports
Listen to the games
There is nothing better than driving your car or riding your bike and listening to radio. Sure you can listen to music with these great free apps but you may want to catch up on sports as well. This is where NBC Sports Radio comes into play and provides invaluable information about the sports world. The app is streaming 24/7, so no matter what the time, you will be able to connect to what you love the most. The app also has listener interaction features, bios and social media integration. Install this NBC app for Android and listen to compelling interviews, hard-hitting opinions and detailed analysis.
  • Simple to use with minimalistic input.
  • Streams great without any problems.
  • A large army of personalities.
Notable Feature:
The app is constantly updated with new content. There are a few reruns of shows but they are generally interviews and opinion based. The news is fresh and broadcasted with radio listeners in mind.
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4. Today – Free

Today NBC app for Android
Today is a good day
Today is perhaps one of the most popular shows around and its official NBC app for Android gives you all the content in your palm. The app allows you to get the latest entertainment and news right in one place. This app also inherits the best features from the number one app on the list. So offline viewing and split screen functionality is available. This app is great for the fans of the program and includes all of the favorite anchors.
  • Solid performer and streamer.
  • Good interface but a tad cluttered.
  • Has some really entertaining content.
Notable Feature:
You can save whole stories and even videos with only one press of a button. Then you can watch them whenever you feel like.
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5. NBC – Free

NBC app for Android
Play them all
This NBC app for Android is a great one if you can get it to work. There are several users reporting that it simply doesn’t work. Sure enough the app didn’t work on the Samsung Galaxy S5 but worked flawlessly on a Galaxy S3. Still the app can show you the latest full length episodes of shows, making it worthwhile. From The Voice to The Blacklist and Hannibal to Community, you can catch some of the best shows on your Android device.
  • Simple interface that is easy to use.
  • Shows have a reasonable backlog.
  • The app streams fine if it streams at all.
Notable Feature:
Some shows come with subtitles as well. This makes it a lot easier to digest the technical terms being shot in Law & Order or to understand Abed in Community.

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