5 Best Apks Apps To watch live TV Android, Amazon Fire Devices

Your phone is your TV, now you can watch TV Programs on your Android Phone. Here we have made Top Apps that can turn your Android mobile phone into a portable Live TV. These Apps will certainly help the travelers to watch inevitable TV programs or Movies on the go. If you are searching for a TV app on Play Store, it may bore you by showing a great list but full of useless apps, here this article comes, this will let you know the Best TV apps available on Play Store providing Best User Experience.

Viggle, SeriesGuide Show Manager, IMDb Movies & TV, Crackle – Movies & TV, TV.com are the apps being introduced here. In which some apps will let you to earn reward for watching TV. You can use this rewards with Best Buy.. or you can give it for charity. Some apps will help you to find out the upcoming episodes along with their name and times, Some app can provide you information about actors, actresses, directors and movies which is previously stored on their database.Now no more antennas and big Screens.... get everything on your finger tip. Let's analyse them one by one.

 1   TV.com

    This app is absolutely free to watch full length movies and TV Shows with your Android Mobile phone.  Get videos from CBS, The CW, CNET, ET, Showtime, CBS News, CBS Sports etc. No fees at all.

    Download TV.com From Google Play >

    You can watch full length and uncut movies and also watch full TV series shows with Crackle TV app. This was developed from the top developer in Play Store. Unlike other apps, you don’t have to sign up with fee to watch Movies and TV shows.

    Download Crackle from Google Play>
3 IMDb Movies & TV
    The Name IMDb stands for Internet Movie database. It has largest collections of the Movies and TV titles and celebrity content. Trailers, information about the movie stories and actors, actresses, directors and other crew members are available on this App. You can also review about new Movies and also you can rate the movies and share with your friends.

    Download IMDb From Google Play>
4 SeriesGuide Show Manager

    This app free application can show the upcoming episodes with name and time. This app currently has the full information on the US channels only.

    Download This app From Google play>
5 Viggle

    With VIGGLE , watching TV is not a wasting time, now you can earn rewards just for watching TV Programs. Just check your TV programs with Viggle and get reward points from brands like Best Buy, Burger King, Fandango, Old Navy and more. They can identify the TV Show you are watching and will give the reward points.

Download Viggle from Google Play>

I believe this post will help you to find out best TV Apps for your android device. If you know more nice apps you can really comment them below, it would help the readers. 

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