10 Best Birthday Reminder Apps for Android

We have so much going on in our lives that it is hard to keep track of everything. For instance, I’m notorious for missing deadlines because I always forgot the date. The 10 best birthday reminder apps for Android, however, have made my life a little easier.
I will forget my keys in the restaurant but thanks to a great birthday reminder app, I will no longer forget my dad’s birthday. It’s not like I don’t care, it’s just that I can’t remember any dates. One time I forgot my own birthday. Yeah I’m that forgetful.
The birthday reminder apps for Android have made me the favorite cousin, friend and uncle! Now I’m always the first one to call any of my friends/family on their special day. Sure, by installing a birthday reminder app for Android I’m taking an almost cheating way, but hey at least I’m not forgetting anymore.
Note: The 10 best birthday reminder apps for Android were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 smartphone running on 4.4.2 Kit Kat. The apps performed well and there were no hiccups experienced during testing. Some of the apps in the list are not directly birthday reminder apps but with a few tweaks they can become a powerful tool.

1. Birthdays for Android – Free

Birthdays for Android
Simple and Easy
Birthdays for Android is a very simple to use app, just login with your Facebook account and the app will do the rest. This app is perfect for those who just need a little reminder about birthdays. If you need a reliable app which does the heavy lifting for you, this is the one tailor-made for you.
The only reason it is ranking high in my list is because of its ease of use. There is room for improvement, especially on the user interface. Other than that this is a basic, hassle free way of know whose birthday is today. Oh, before I forget, you can manually add entries too, but I have some better options for that later in the list.
  • One click integration with Facebook.
  • The app has no ads. What sorcery is this?
  • The app also tracks Chinese and Western zodiac signs.
Notable Feature:
The app allows you to save the birthdays on external storage as well. If your phone supports a microSD card or OTG (On the Go) connectivity, you can easily transfer the birthdays to a new device.


2. Birthdays – Free and $4.49

A Good Reminder

2.A Free Version

Birthdays is yet another simple app among the 10 best birthday reminder apps for Android. The app has a clean and solid interface which makes navigation easier. This app also allows you to import birthdays directly from Facebook making it a one-tap-does-all app.
The app also displays a reminder in the status bar so you are constantly reminded of the upcoming or current birthdays. This is a great feature for those who see a reminder and then forget about it in like 15 minutes.
  • You can select which contacts to import.
  • The app gives several sized widgets for easy access.
  • Easily add a reminder to a ringing reminder.
Notable Feature:
You can write a customized message template to make it easy and almost automatic to send birthday wishes. I recommend that you add a personal touch to give the message more personality though.


2.B Paid Version:

The paid version of the app simply removes the annoying ads. By annoying, I mean really annoying. They change at an alarmingly fast rate and are actual hindrances to the app’s functionality. If you like the free app and hate intrusive ads with a passion get the paid version.


3. Birthday Calendar – Free

Birthday Calendar - birthday reminder apps for Android
Great for Importing
As the name suggests, Birthday Calendar is a calendar for birthdays. The app gets all the birthdays from your Facebook account and then cleanly maps them on a calendar. This is all the app does but believe me, it is effective and efficient.
The app also sets automatic reminders alerting you of approaching or current birthdays. You can also use an automated birthday message to be sent in case you are busy. The app has some gaping spelling mistakes but that doesn’t affect the usability.
  • Simple and easy importing of birthdays.
  • Contacts are shown with pictures, in case you have 1000 friends on Facebook.
  • Shows remaining days till birthday.
Notable Feature:
You can send a message on Facebook directly from this app. There is no need to open the dedicated Facebook app to wish someone.

4. Life Reminders – Free with In-app Purchases

Life Reminders
Nice For Different Languages

4.A Free Version

Life Reminders is a great app to remind you of the things you can potentially forget, like birthdays. That’s not all though, the app can help you remember almost anything.
From anniversaries to graduation parties and from business meetings to student loan payments (groan), everything can have a dedicated reminder on this app.
If you are looking to get reminded of a single birthday and don’t care about the rest of your Facebook “friends”, this is the app you should get. Manual entry is also super easy and effective. If you need a better to-do list we have a fine collection right here.
  • A seamless and smooth interface.
  • Main page has good management implemented.
  • Available in multiple languages.
Notable Feature:
When setting a reminder, you can add almost every detail about it. If you are managing a birthday party, the little details are what count the most.

4.B Paid Version

This is only for giving donations


5. Birthday Calendar – Free with In-app Purchases

Birthday Calendar
Doesn’t Suck Down Your Resources
Birthday Calendar makes it easy to import and map birthdays on a good-looking calendar. The app has a great interface which makes it easy just to browse through all the months.
The app also has the option of giving you an automatic reminder through push notification which is great if you are always forgetting birthdays. text birthday wishes directly from the app without booting up a messaging app.
You can even edit the entries on the calendar, because some wacky friends have wrong birthdays listed on Facebook.
  • Easy import from social media.
  • The app doesn’t have ads, a great plus in my book.
  • Set the time for the reminders.
Notable Feature:
The app is not a resource hog like most others which send push notifications. I have a long history of being weary of push notifications but this one is actually pretty useful. No annoying ads are pushed from this app.