Top 5 amazing ways to watch TV on your tablet 2014/2015

See your favourite shows on live and catch-up TV — wherever you happen to be
If you’re fed up with fighting for remote control of your TV — or can’t get near the thing in the first place — then don’t fret. All you need is an Android tablet like the Hudl or an iPad along with this guide.

1. Boot up blinkbox

Finally, one of our favourite ways to watch TV — and movies — is to catch them on the free Blinkbox movies app (Android / iOS).

You’ll find hundreds of TV series and thousands of movies to choose from and prices are very reasonable too.

2. Download BBC iPlayer, iTV Player, etc.

One easy way to watch TV on your tablet is either to simply point your web browser at the relevant broadcasters website or to download individual apps for Freeview broadcasters like BBC iPlayer (Android / iOS), iTV Player (Android / iOS) or 4oD (Android / iOS).
Each one gives you the ability to watch your favourite shows live or on catch-up, with BBC iPlayer even giving you the ability to download shows for watching later — handy if you have a long bus or train journey ahead.
The beauty of Freeview apps like these is that both the apps and the content is free.
The key catch, usually, is that you’ll either need to be in reach of a local Wi-Fi network or have a generous monthly data allowance from your mobile network provider to live stream  or download your favourite shows.
Another drawback is that, because apps are channel or broadcaster specific, you’ll probably end up with quite a few of them on your device — and flitting backwards and forwards between them isn’t as fun as channel surfing at home.

3. Go get Sky Go Tablet

One easy way around the specific apps problem is to sign up for a paid-for subscription service like Sky TV and then download the Sky Go app (Android / iOS).
Sky Go enables you to watch up to 38 live channels (depending on your Sky subscription) and over 800 movies on up to two smartphones or tablets at a time.

And there’s always something worth watching at any time of night or day — something you can’t always say about normal live broadcasts.

4. Check out TVCatchup

Another option is to try TVCatchup. Available both online and as a tablet-ready app (Android / iOS), TVCatchup is a free and easy way to watch live and catchup TV from over 50 different Freeview channels.
All you have to do is download the app, create an account and you’re ready to start watching — either via Wi-Fi or your monthly mobile data plan.

5. Tune in with a TV receiver

Another way to watch TV on your tablet is buy a mobile TV receiver like the EyeTV Micro (Android) or EyeTV Mobile (iPad).
These simply plug into a micro-USB or Lightning port and include both rod and telescopic TV aerials, plus a free companion mobile app that enables you to watch and record live TV.

Both Elgato tunes are a great way to watch TV without needing the internet, Wi-Fi or a mobile data allowance, although getting a strong enough TV signal may be tricky in some areas.