Top 5 Add-ons Xbmc in 2014 : watch Movies and TV shows for free

Xbmc is becoming more and more popular these days especially  with its ability to install 100's of add-ons to watch Movies and TV shows for free. So I thought I would make a list of the top 5 Xbmc add-ons I use in 2014.


1. Navi-X  Navi-x add-on for Xbmc is first on my list because it has an enormous amount of content scraped from all over the web! Not only does Navi-x have a massive collection of movies and TV shows it also has a vast majority of live streaming TV channels from all over the world! Navi-x is very reliable and when I can't find something I wanna watch I always revert to this unique add-on.

(Update 4/14/2014 ) - Navi-x is currently undergoing server upgrades and may not be working for some. Navi-x Team estimates completion in mid April 2014.

Navi-x screen shot


  1. 2. Mashup  Mashup add-on for Xbmc is second on my list because like Navi-x not only does it have a lot of content, its very neatly organized. Some categories it has that I like is HD movies, 3D movies, Documentaries, Live streams, Sports and Kids zone! Definitely a must have add-on for Xbmc in 2014!

Mashup screen shot


3. 1Channel  1Channel add-on for Xbmc is Third because for me its an reliable source for new TV shows and Movies that are updated very quickly everyday. 1Channel add-on has been around for a long time and it categorizes Movies and TV shows. As of 03/07/2014 1Channel add-on is based on Primewire. Unfortunately 1Channel is blocked in the U.K..

1channel xbmc

Source:   (Super Repo)

4. Icefilms  Icefilms add-on for Xbmc is 4 fourth on my list for only one reason. Its the same as 1Channel except for it supplies the option for HD video source on movies and TV shows and who doesn't like an HD video over an SD video? Icefilms also has been around a long time.

icefilms xbmc


5. Veetle    Veetle add-on for Xbmc is last on my list but only because I don't use it is often as other add-ons. Still if your tired or can't think of something good to watch Veetle is great because its plays all kinds of media on auto pilot just like a TV channel Would. Its gets all of its streaming sources from Definitely a good add-on to have.

Veetle xbmc


6. iStream iStream add-on for Xbmc Can not be forgotten in 2014! iStream is an incredible add-on that changes the way you use Xbmc forever. this unique add-on is what we have always wanted in Xbmc. iStream has thousands of sources where it scrapes from and integrates all metadata. iStream receives movies and TV show lists from major websites like IMDB, makes your Xbmc look Slick and stylish and provides a easy navigation to what you wanna watch. I highly recommend trying out this add-on.

big bang theory xbmc