Nimble TV App For IOS makes iPad Interactive TV

Nimble TV gave IOS users a gift Wednesday. The true cable everywhere service released a snazzy new app for IOS that allows users to navigate the service in a touch based environment. The App is free via the App Store and requires no more than IOS 6.1. The app may well expand the popularity of the streaming cable service. For more on what Nimble TV is see our story here.
New Touch based Menu Controls
Until the launch of the app mobile users only had one way to access Nimble TV. They had to go to the company’s website and sign in as though they were accessing it via a computer. While users could touch the screen to access programming the menus were based around a mouse and click experience and not a swipe and drop down experience. That has all changed.
Main Features
Search by Name, genre and channel
Want to see whats on a given network? Users can select a channel based option that produces small interactive channel grids with listing from as recent at currently airing content up to a week ahead forward. Users can also ask Nimble TV to record any listed program on to the service’s cloud DVR. Users can also find out where to view their favorite programming as though they were using Google by using the search feature. The results will include every instance of a selection. For instance a search for “Batman” returned listings and recording options for Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins airing on HBO Family, the 1960′s Batman show with Adam West on ABC Family and the Michael Keaton led Film by Tim Burton set to air on another network. If someone can’t think of anything in particular they want to there is a genre search. Just press Action, or Comedy and the app will list everything available and what will be available in the next week. Its easier than any on screen guide I have run across.
Easy to access Menus
with one tap users can access all of the most relevant information about the service from its on screen guide to their account info.
AirPlay Integration
Any IOS app worth its salt will seamlessly integrate Apple’s first-of-its-kind casting option known as Airplay.  What makes the feature special on the Nimble TV app though is that AirPlay is available no matter how one is viewing a TV show or Movie. Whether a program is playing picture-in-picture style in search grid mode or full screen, user will not have to struggle to launch their video content to an Apple TV.
Easy access to recording settings
Users will be able to set up the app to record anything they have room for on their cloud DVR from virtually every context menu. There is no button on the remote to find or a confusing grid or a system of symbols to translate.
I think that Nimble TV subscribers are going to be very happy with this app and the experience it provides. If you are a subscriber it is very much worth a look. It simplifies the TV experience and takes users out of as Tim Cook recently said the 1970′s.