How to watch CBS Streaming on Roku, Fire TV Apple TV and mobile

Can you watch CBS shows on Roku? No. But now you can watch CBS News. Roku and the Fire TV now essentially have a new 24 hour cable network. CBSN the channel/app is an ambitious new venture that brings live streaming content to the Roku and Fire TV and  well as Windows 8.1 (though not at the time of this writing) and Windows Phone 8.1. The app will be available through the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store as well as the CBS News website .. It will also be available on the Android and other platform will get the service in before 2015. This move though looks aimed at getting people used to watching CBS over the Internet. 

The CBS News channel for Roku is the new home for CBSN

What is on CBSN
What is offered on CBSN differs depending on the platform you are using to access it. For instance on the Roku, which had previously had a CBS news channel featuring on-demand content from multiple CBS News shows, the Live option has been added to the choices available along with the other content. On the Amazon Fire TV CBS’s live feed is featured along with curated clips from across CBS’s range of news programming. The CBS News Website on the other hand provides a link to the service at the top of it’s home page along with the option to cue up other stories that have been reported on throughout the day as do the Roku and Fire TV apps. The feed seems to be built on a model that CBS has been using for years during the late night time slots which would typically start after the talk shows end. But the network will be investing more time and talent with this venture which will be available live for 18 hours a day.
Is CBS Building a Cable Alternative?
As stated previously on this website, CBS is not a cable channel. But its availability via cable and and other pay-TV platforms has gotten people used to clear perfect feeds of the network over the years. And while there are great antennas that can be used to watch the network they do have their problems in some areas due to geography. Will apps for connected TV devices and mobile devices usher in a new era for CBS where viewers turn to the Internet for news and entertainment instead of a pay TV provider or antenna? If the TV industry does leap in that direction we will know that CBS had its eye on the market ahead of time.