5 Best Translator Apps for Android for Global Travels

Traveling can be hard, especially if you have no means of translating the native languages. Fortunately for us, we live in a world where the Android OS exists and it can help us with this little problem. With the best translator apps for Android, you will effectively be able to navigate the whole globe. Of course there are limitations but they can be circumvented very easily and thus provide you with a cheap and easy-to-command personal translator.
Tip: Always have more than one translator app for Android on your device. It is highly recommended that you use Google Translate in combination with any of the apps you like from the list. Combine the translator app with a good navigation app or compass and you will become Indiana Jones/Lara Croft in no time at all.
Note: All of the 7 best translator apps for Android were tried on a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phone. The phone is a non-rooted one running on official Samsung flavored Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat. All of the apps worked well on the smartphone and no problems were faced during the testing phase.

1. Google Translate – Free

The Best Translator App Out There
Google Translate is hands down the best translator app for Android. Google has been at this gig for a long time now, well before Android was born so they have exceptional experience in translating stuff. The app combines speed with good translation and gives highly accurate results. Although we are sure there will always be some anomalies while translating, Google Translate does a pretty great job. The app is also very accessible, you can write, type or take a picture and it will translate it for you. You can even save your translations and view them on another device. Google Translate is also great in negating any accents you may have and giving excellent results.
  • Offline translation is available after some downloading.
  • You can even write without a stylus on-screen.
  • The picture-translate feature works surprisingly well.
Notable Feature:
The app supports 80 languages. This means there is a high chance your language is supported. This alone makes it the number one translator app for Android in my book.


2. iTranslate – Free

Instantaneous Translations
This app is the most popular app on the iOS platform, at least that’s what the main page of the app says. But this might as well be true as the app certainly has what it takes to be a great translator app for Android. This would have been the number one app if Google Translate hadn’t outplayed it by including more supported languages. Still iTranslate takes the cake for being one of the best designed apps out there. The interface is extremely easy to understand and the app works great every time. The app is also optimized to be used on tablets, so the UI translates well on the big screens. This is one of the few translator apps for Android which actually support landscape mode on phones.
  • The app comes bundled with dictionaries.
  • You can listen to your translations.
  • Includes some robust sharing features including sending via Email.
  • More than 50 languages are supported.
Notable Feature:
The app has real-time voice translation. Speak and you will get instantaneous translations, saving you ample time and effort.

3. Yandex.Translate – Free

Often Annoying, But Translates As You Type
Yandex is a popular Russian company; basically it’s the Russian Google. Naturally their translator app for Android is top-notch and comes loaded with features we have come to expect. This snappy translator app for Android looks great on both tablets and smartphones and works well too. The app comes with voice pronunciation for words which are well…hard to speak. This is a great feature for those easy to learn but hard to speak languages. The app also has a dictionary which gives examples on how to use the words. It is good to have estimations about the context of words.
  • A thought saved translation history.
  • Predictive typing for getting work done fast.
  • More than 40 languages are included.
Notable Feature:
Simultaneous translation as you type. This may be a bit distracting at first but it soon changes colors towards awesome. It makes the app seem that much eager to deliver results and I love it.


4. Word Lens Translator – Free

No Need For a Network
This people, this app right here makes your smartphone really smart. What I’m about to tell you may seem straight out of a science fiction movie, but this app is real. You see a sign in a foreign language and need to translate it, sure you can take a picture and Google Translate will give you a good answer. But what if you could just point your camera at the sign and it will show the translation right on the screen? This is exactly what the Word Lens Translator does; it shows the translation right on the sign and in real-time.
  • It simply feels awesome!
  • Extremely easy to use. You only need to point the camera.
  • Some major languages are supported.
Notable Feature:
The app for some magical reason doesn’t require a constant network/internet connection. The developers have outdone themselves with this app.

5. Copy Translate – Free

Copy What You’re Reading
Copy Translate is exactly what the name implies it is. If you are reading something and need it translated (a document phrase in French maybe?), you simply copy it and the app will translate it immediately. There is no need to take out the app either; once it is turned on it will work quietly in the background. It is always waiting in the shadows ready to translate any text which is copied on the clipboard. Simple copy the text and check a quick translation right on the notification tray.
  • Hardly needs any work from user.
  • Consumes minimal resources.
  • Can translate any number of words.
Notable Feature:
You can view the history of your translated texts and copy them again for usage. This is some translator-inception thing going on. You can also save and send it to others.